Messenger BOT Features

Hostbot Messenger BOT Features

  1. Reply with Text, File, Image, Audio, Video, Gif
  2. Generic Template, Carousel Template, Media Template
  3. Post Back Buttons, Quick Reply Buttons
  4. Button of URL, Phone Number, Webview, User Birthday
  5. Quick Reply button of user Email, Phone Number
  6. Personalized Reply with First Name, Last Name
  7. Sync existing leads & migrate as BOT subscribers
  8. Subscriber Profile with gender, time zone & locale
  9. Segment subscriber by post-back button click
  10. Segment subscriber by private reply
  11. Segment subscriber by adding label manually
  12. Typing on Enable Option
  13. Custom delay in each reply
  14. Mark Seen option
  15. Persistent Menu
  16. Set your Brand URL in Persistent Menu
  17. Collect Email from Quick Reply & MailChimp Integration
  18. Collect Phone Number from Quick Reply
  19. Download Email & Phone Number as CSV
  20. Error reporting log of reply
  21. Export bot settings
  22. Save exported bot data as template
  23. Admin can save exported bot data as template for users
  24. Import exported bot data for any page
  25. Visual & interactive tree view of full bot

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